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Our Services

The Carter Foundation offers a variety of services to assist their mentees academically, behaviorally, emotionally, socially, physically as well as financially. These services help to ensure that mentees are fully able to perform at their most optimal levels as children and are also fully prepared for adulthood.

Academic Tutoring

Mentees receive after-school academic support in the areas wherein they are experiencing difficulty.

1:1 Relationship Building & Mentorships

Mentees learn to adopt socially appropriate behaviors in order to form positive relationships with others. Students learn that they can depend on on-site role models for support and relief. 


Career Readiness

Mentees are exposed to different careers to get them thinking about life after graduation and to also help them determine their interests. Students are eligible to receive scholarships as well as job placement assistance following graduation. 

Character Development

Mentees are taught the foundational skills for becoming upstanding adults, including respect, trustworthiness, compassion and volunteerism.

Entrepreneur Workshops

In our entrepreneurial workshops, mentees  learn the importance of providing value to receive value. In addition to learning how to run a business, students also learn how to be resilient, industrious, and problem-solve.

Sports & Recreation

Mentees learn that by by adapting their eating and physical habits as kids, they can establish a lifestyle that prevents the onset of health issues as an adults. 

What Our Mentees Say....


Devontae Hunter, 20

Industrial Engineering, MSU

"I was able to improve my people skills through The Carter Foundation. Public speaking was never my forte but TCF  taught me step-by-step how to deliver an effective speech and how to carry myself as a successful adult. I will always be thankful for these skills and for the extra mile they go to help their members!"


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