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MISSION:  TCF strives to improve the lives of our youth by serving as role models

and working closely with kids to achieve their goals through our Sisterhood, Brotherhood, and 

and TCF Jayhawks AAU Basketball Programs. Read more about each program below!


A Big Sister Partner

Sisterhood provides 1:1 mentoring to young ladies who are ages 12 and up.  Under the direction of trailblazing mentors, girls learn appropriate social etiquette and are given emotional and social support. Girls are also encouraged to be resilient as they face life's challenges and aim for academic success!

A Big brother Partner

The Brotherhood organization is a group within the Carter Foundation that key in directly on aiming for our generation who need guidance remaining on the right track. While the Carter Foundation focuses on community based projects, the Brotherhood organization digs a little deeper. The Brotherhood was founded by members of the Carter Foundation who had a vision that more was needed in order to push our youth down the correct path. These young men bonded together and sought out key problems that they saw among their everyday society. The Brotherhood works daily to solve these problems from a youthful perspective of life.

The Jayhawks Basketball Organization was founded in 2016 by Coach Ty Harden. The program consisted of three teams. The teams competed all over the Southern States in which they won various tournaments. The organization was built with a sole purpose of serving our youth. The Jayhawks basketball organization aims to keep our youth on a positive track through basketball. The organization focuses on the needs of the youth not only on the court but off the court as well. The goal of the organization is to produce positive citizens and leaders in life through basketball. Life lessons are taught in methods that relate to the new generation who will now be our future leaders. The Jayhawks basketball organization looks to continue to produce positive examples in which will shed light on others to follow.


"shooting towards your goal is the best way to score."


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