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About The Carter

The Carter Foundation program is dedicated to mentoring, re-enforcing, values, and transforming the lives of young people in the community. The James Carter founded TCF to educate, motivate, and elevate children in the community to aspire and reach their full potential!


TCF is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that was established in 2014. TCF has established partnerships with schools, community agencies, and businesses. In addition, mentees who graduate from the program have the opportunity to receive scholarship and job opportunities. As of today, the organization serves hundreds of kids throughout East Mississippi and Alabama.


  • Academic Tutoring

  • Mentorships

  • Character Development

  • 1:1 Relationship Building

  • Entrepreneur Workshops

  • Career Readiness 

  • Sports & Recreation

  • Physical Fitness & Teamwork Activities


Mr. James Carter a Meridian MS native wears several hats. Carter is a philanthropist, speaker, father, husband and entrepreneur. He launched the Cater Foundation in 2014 which was a long passion of his for the community. Carter said he always knew that life was about elevating your circumstances. So, he started this foundation to motivate, educate and help children grow into mature adults. Carter said his passion for his organization comes from his own childhood.“ I was those kids. We always live close to housing projects, right across the street, right around the corner. I always hung out in the housing projects, and I started to mimic some of the behavior that I saw. I ended up getting involved with things I shouldn’t have gotten involved with. That was kind of like my motivation to cultivate the next generation.

Carter traveles to schools, churches, community centers, and correctonal facilites in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee to serve as a mentor and motvatonal speaker to youth and community members alike. 

Carter has served in numerous roles for community organizations, including Vice President of The Mississippi Action For Progress, Vice President of The Wesley House Community Center and owner/operator of Carter World Wide LLC.

Carter has been presented with numerous accolades, such as the Top 20 Under 40 awards as one of Meridian's emerging leaders and "movers and shakers" Meridian Public school Parent of the Year, NAACP Entrepreneur Award, Mannie Mitchell Youth Service Award, Meridian's Community Man Of The Year.

Carter vows to be a gateway rather than a gatekeeper. 

Our Story

 In response to the increasing number of teen homicides and related youth crimes in Meridian, Mississippi, Mr. James Carter established TCF to educate, motive, and elevate children and young adults in the community to aspire and achieve their full potential. TCF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. TCF was established in 2014 with a core group of ten members. Initially, the foundation hosted local community events to inspire youth and bring the community together. In addition, TCF provides in-depth programs for at-risk youth with opportunities for development they may not otherwise receive by teaching and encouraging them to make positive decisions while learning to be role models and productive citizens within the community. Today, TCF serves approximately 75-100 youth throughout East Mississippi. TCF has established solid and effective partnerships with local schools, community agencies, and local businesses. As a result, TCF has a one hundred percent graduation rate. In addition, mentees who graduate from the TCF program receive scholarships and job opportunities through community partnerships. Programs provided: Academic mentoring activities, character development, one-to-one relationship building and tutoring, entrepreneur workshops, career readiness skills, sports, recreation, and other activities promoting physical fitness and teamwork. Our Mission To educate, motivate, and elevate "at-risk" youth to help facilitate their transition into the adulthood. A world where barriers are broken and negative statistics (about youth) are reversed as they embark on the journey of lifelong learning and growth. Our Vision To reduce violence and create opportunity while teaching accountability and standards through character building, innovative thinking, and entrepreneurship. Our Motto Educate, Motivate, Elevate 

Meet The Team

"Our mission is to inspire youth and bring unity to our communities. We aim to build a future where barriers are broken, negative statistics overcome, inclusiveness is maintained, and life long learning is achieved."

The Carter Foundation

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